These are popular hobbies for the adventurous treasure hunters.  If you haven’t tried it yet, grab a GPS for the geocache or a notepad for letterboxing.  There are many of both even in my immediate area.  With all the hiking I’ve talked about I can guarantee at least 5 on one trail alone.  For those who don’t know what geocaching is yet, here is a brief description.   With the advent of GPS navigation came a little creativity on other things to do with it.  People hide treasure boxes in the woods, city buildings, public places; anywhere they can think of where it might be within reach, but well hidden.  The coordinates are posted on the internet at Go to the website and sign up (It’s free), punch in a zipcode and a list of caches will come up.  Copy the coordinates, punch them into your GPS and take a hike!  The GPS will guide you to it.  When you find it, it will be filled with different items.  If you take something, leave something of equal or greater value.  People put different treasures in the boxes for the first one to find the cache, and there can be some things of pretty decent value in there as well.  Leave a note in the notepad that’s usually with the box, and when you get home, return to the website to log in your find, along with any comments on the adventure.


This is a little different than geocaching in that there are usually no treasures left in the boxes and you don’t use a GPS.  Instead, the publishers post a letter on the internet with stories and clues.  You have to figure out the clues to find what you’re looking for.  When you find the box, you stamp a notepad inside with your name or your own creative stamp, and then stamp your own notepad with their stamp to log where you have been.  It’s a little harder than geocaching, but for those who love a good mystery it’s a lot of fun.

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